Position your business for accelerated recovery as current restrictions are relaxed!

We all know that we are living in unprecedented times. The business community, especially, is facing its greatest challenges – some businesses will never recover whilst some will not just recover but go on to achieve greater levels of success than ever before.


There are two key elements which separate those winning businesses from the rest

  1. How the organisation’s leadership responds to the changing landscape and provides their people with an environment conducive to meeting and leveraging the challenges faced

  2. How the organisation communicates with its customers and broader market to reinforce the message that the organisation is both open for business and understands what its target market’s needs are as restrictions are eased.

You need to be able to get a jump on your competitors and maximize your opportunities to return to profitability sooner!

The challenge is how does a business make the investment required to achieve a competitive advantage at a time when cash flow is likely to be at it’s lowest point and when cash reserves are already tightly stretched?


Our $5,000.00 Coronavirus recovery grant is designed, specifically, to address that challenge by providing support to qualifying businesses during this recovery period. The grant provides the following:

  • Leadership Support and Development Pack – Leading in time of uncertainty. This program is designed to support leaders during this unprecedented time. It provides guidance, feedback and support to ensure that leaders are best placed to lead their teams in times of ambiguity.
  • Leadership Debrief and Coaching Session (45-90 minutes based on individual needs). This is facilitated by an expert with 20+ years in coaching Executives and Leaders to perform at their peak and provides a customised development plan with clear and pragmatic goals, as well as a guide on how to best lead a team in these uncertain times (and with potentially remote teams).
  • Quick start 5 step business growth program (guaranteed to generate an additional $10,000.00 in revenue in 90 days)
  • Online business academy 6 month membership – marketing resources –
  • Six month online business growth marketing course, delivered via weekly email lessons

Research clearly shows that leaders that undertake this process have demonstrated a 22% increase in profit, 65% improvement in self awareness and 32% improvement in leadership and performance goals within 3 months on average.


Qualifying businesses need to meet the following criteria:

  • To have been in operation for a minimum of 12 months
  • To have a minimum turnover of $3m pa
  • To be able to demonstrate a minimum business downturn of 30% for the period March 1st to April 30th 2020 compared to the same period of the previous year
  • Be a legal entity, able to enter into a legally binding agreement
  • Have an Australian Business Number
  • Be registered for the purposes of GST

Have an Australian bank account


  • The grant must be taken up by no later than 30/11/2020
  • The grant is not transferable nor redeemable in cash
  • The grant is a strictly limited offer with approval totally at the discretion of Pro HR Consulting and Direct Dialogue
  • The grant offer can be withdrawn or extended at any time without prior notice
  • All grant approvals are at the sole discretion of Pro HR Consulting and Direct Dialogue and no correspondence on approvals or rejections will be entered into.
  • Grant support packages may be delivered in person or via online platforms at the discretion of Pro HR Consulting and Direct Dialogue
Submission of this application confirms your understanding and acceptance of all grant terms and conditions

Application Form